Our Misson

We are inspired by the innovators and the game-changers. Individuals that face challenges head on & boldly demand what they want from life. In short, we are inspired by you.

At Olah, our aim is to take away the stress and unwanted noise that is cluttering your life. Our natural products help you focus on what really matters — you!

Our Manifesto

We ask you —
Are you living your best version of the human experience?
Are you running your life, or is your life running you?

We are all guilty of allowing stress to knock us off our game.
Our mind and body suffer, while we just cope with this imbalance.
Stress is the #1 killer. We all know it.
Yet, we constantly welcome it with open arms.

Let’s take a pledge — together.
Stress, anxiety, and fear…
Will no longer rule over our minds!
They will never cripple our growth again!
And we will stop allowing them to steer us through life!

Show more of your potential, and give less excuses.
Do something more beneficial, and less artificial.
More “I-got-this” and less “I-can’t” with every calming breath.
Say OLAH to your happy place.

Where will it take you?
When you feel that familiar unease creep in…
When you boldly walk out into the world…
When you need to crush your to-dos….
When you conquer fear that finds its way into your chest…
When you have had one of those days…
When you want to take back control…
When you just want to find your happy place.

Our Founders


While he has never taken the traditional path, Evan is a natural entrepreneur who is constantly striving to innovate & learn as a businessman. His passion for design & marketing has allowed him to help create and build several successful companies from a young age. He has high ambitions for the future and plans to play a crucial role in bringing awareness to the cannabis industry, as well as inspiring other entrepreneurs. As a lifelong cannabis user himself, his motivation is bringing forward the culture and power of this amazing plant through innovative products and education.

Evan Graves
Bobby Scott


I think we would all agree, Bobby is the rebel of the group — always challenging everything. It is a relentless pursuit for ‘truth’ that drives him in this manner. His outlook on life and passion for cannabis is not only inspiring, but it is the perfect addition to our mastermind of professionals. Bobby was born and raised by entrepreneurs, and his experience has allowed him to pioneer a decade-long career in cannabis. Owner and founder of numerous companies & successful brands in this industry; we trust his extensive knowledge for anything hemp. With a dual-Master’s Degree in Horticulture & Business Development; Bobby has truly dedicated his life to this industry. His passion and love for the plant drives our team to develop the most cutting-edge cannabinoid-based products on the market!


Born and raised in Spain, an advocate for environmental friendly products, transparency, and female empowerment, Agui has over 12 years of experience with customer care and brand image. Her entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, and passion for emerging industries has led her to the CBD space to bring clean, honest, and sustainable products.

Agui Sunsi
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