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Adaptogenic Gummy Packs

Lasting-Focus Gummies
hemp-powered adaptogen gummies to support energy production, focus, and awareness. Our science-backed formula is made with vitamin b-12, ginko biloba, maca root powder, cordyceps mushroom, and packed with 375mg active cannabinoids.

Stress-less Gummies
Our formula is made with highly bioavailable adaptogens and mushrooms to support healthy cortisol levels for a more balanced mind and body. Ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, l-theanine, magnesium, and 375mg of active cannabinoids all in one gummy to promote mental resilience and balance.

Rest-well Gummies
formulated with bioavailable vitamins and botanicals, our rest-well gummies promote relaxation and calmness. Vitamin b6, l-theanine, valerian root, chamomile, and 375mg active cannabinoids support quality rest and sleep.

Lasting-Focus Gummies
– Increased blood flow and oxygen in the brain
– Improved memory, focus, and attention span
– Resist cognitive decline
– Natural nootropic properties

Stress-less Gummies
– Relieve stress and anxiety
– Decreases excitatory brain chemicals
– Calms the mind to help with anxiety and insomnia
– Strengthens a healthy stress response

Rest-well Gummies
– Improve quality of sleep
– Calm the mind and body to help prevent insomnia
– Fall asleep more quickly and easily
– Interacts with GABA receptors to reduce excitability and promote tranquility


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