Welcome to Olah CBD!

About 2 months have passed since our launch so we figured that it’s about time we properly introduce ourselves.

If you’ve seen our site you’ve probably noticed a key overarching theme: simple, effective products that help people manage their stress and anxiety. You’ll know that we are committed to simplicity (if you don’t need aluminum in your deodorant or microplastics in your toothpaste, so why would you need binders and chemicals in your CBD). And while all that is important, we also think it’s crucial to discuss our missions, goals, and who we are as a brand.

To give you some insight, we’re a collective of young entrepreneurs, students, activists, and professionals, who truly believe in what cannabis and hemp products can do. We know that our products can bring positive change to peoples’ lives because we’ve experienced it firsthand. Each of us understands the crushing weight of anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and our aim is to convince people to give our products (and CBD in general) a try, because we know exactly how powerful the results can be.

We truly believe that we have something special to offer here; a solution to many of those problems you long thought unfixable, or at the very least, a push in the right direction. We’re not here to sell you things you don’t need, we’re packaging peace of mind and shipping stress relief. Maybe we aren’t ending world hunger or curing cancer, but our aim is to empower those of you who will.

Don’t be loyal to the mental roadblocks and setbacks that have slowed so many of us down for so long. Try something new. Give us a couple deep breaths a day and get after it.

If you want to stay in touch, hear about what we are up to, or even share your stories and experiences – Sign up for our Newsletter below! 👇

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