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Vaporizers Variety Pack

THC Free – Ultra refined to remove all THC
No Fillers – No PG, VG, MCT or any other harmful solvents. EVER
Broad Spectrum – 350mg active Cannabinoids.CBD – 245mg CBG – 90mg CBN – 15mg
100% Ceramic – Medical grade ceramic, no metals, plastics, glues, polishes
No Heavy Metals – Passes 30-day California heavy Metal testing
Recycling Program – We will pay for you to send your vaporizers to our recycle partner

A clean and all-natural broad-spectrum formula with CBD, CBG, and CBN designed to help you feel calmer and improve resilience. Olah vaporizers are made with only 2 ingredients, hemp distillate extract, and plant-based natural terpenes, no fillers or artificial ingredients. Our hemp vaporizers are carefully crafted in small batches with the purest materials using ceramic hardware with no glues or chemicals.

Supplement Facts
Crystal resistant distillate: THC-free highly refined hemp extract that contains broad-spectrum cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN) Plant-based terpenes: natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants

All of our products are globally consciously sourced and designed, formulated, produced, tested, and packaged in the USA.


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